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Insane Number Run (Made with GameMaker)

Insane Number Run

Available on iOS, Android, and Kongregate.

I recently finished up work on a new game, Insane Number Run, for Happy Bacon Studios.  It is a relatively simple game where you must, counting up, reveal all hidden numbers in order.  Its development started with the intent to make a small game with a quick production cycle but, like many projects, it took longer than expected to polish things and have it feel "just right". For those curious, it was created using GameMaker: Studio, which generally makes development an enjoyable experience.

Feel free to check it out. Reviews are appreciated! :)



TweenGMS Pro Goes Free!

TweenGMSAs of February 13, 2016, I will be making TweenGMS Pro permanently free. I have made the choice with careful consideration, deciding that I want as many people as possible to have access to it. (As of writing this, TweenGMS Pro is only $1 on the GameMaker marketplace. If you feel like chipping in a dollar, last minute, feel free to do so!)

Those who have purchased TweenGMS Pro, please contact me with your NAME/TWITTER/SITE/etc (as you want it seen by others) so that I can add you to an official supporter list included with future versions. *** A purchase order # from your marketplace purchase history would be helpful to validate ***

With more nifty features on the way, I will be continuing to update and support TweenGMS. It has been a fun experience working on it, and I don't plan to stop!

TweenGMS Lite will also continue to be updated. It will remain as an alternative for those who want a stripped down version of the engine without all the extra advanced functionality.

On a personal side note, I am considering taking on freelance work for GameMaker project optimisation. If you are needing to push out higher frame rates with your GameMaker games, feel free to give me a shout and we can discuss details!




Battle Blocks – January 1GAM Entry

Its a bit hectic

Its a bit hectic

I recently finished my first entry, Battle Blocks, for One Game a Month. At one point, it seemed that I wouldn't be able to finish before the end of January, but applying a lot of KISS solved that problem. I am looking forward to working on another game for February. I still have to play with some ideas. Again, it will need to be something simple.

I must note that the community around 1GAM has been great. There is lots of activity, especially on Twitter, where many people are sharing and supporting one another. It will be interesting to see the result of this whole experiment by the end of the year!

Anyhow, here is some info for Battle Blocks:

HTML5 Version -> Play Now
Android Versions -> Google Play or Direct Download
iOS Version -> iTunes

They are coming!
The four sided foes have gathered their numbers and are ready to strike!
How long can you survive the perpetual onslaught of merciless blocks?

As the last surviving triangle, you must shoot wave after wave of incoming squares as they attempt to reinforce their numbers and conquer the screen.
Collect power ups to assist you in fighting back the enemy and to obtain the top score.

Features colorful graphics, rad music and fast paced combat!
Now, doesn't that sound great? I know, I know... its awesome+1!


Candy Crash – A Halloween Game

I recently had a sudden urge to make a Halloween game. As a result, I quickly whipped something together in about three days. Enjoy all its super amazingness+1!

It is Halloween night!
Well past your bedtime, you have landed the biggest score of candy ever. However, on your way back home, you have tripped and spilled your candy all over. Already high on too much sugar, your imagination goes wild as you find yourself caught in a monster mash.

You must recover as much candy as you can before you are overcome by your wild fears of ghosts, ghouls, vampire bats and spooky graveyards.

Local Scoreboard
Solid Touch Controls
Fun Challenging Atmosphere
A Kid in a Ninja Costume!
Pumpkins and Jack-o'-lanterns!

HTML5 Version
Play Now

Available for Android devices via
Google Play
Direct APK download

Available for iOS devices via

Available for Windows via
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Available for Mac via
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