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Sync Labs – February 1GAM Entry

Puzzles for the win!

Puzzles for the win!

For February's OneGameAMonth entry, I decided to dedicate my time on finishing up a project I started over a year and a half ago. 1GAM has become a great facilitator in helping me stay motivated and simply get things done.

Sync Labs originally started from a small puzzle game I completed called Spawner for a Game Jam I participated in almost 2 years ago. Ever since that time, I have been meaning to extend the idea and create something more complete.

Sync Labs is currently available on:

Web HTML5 ->Play Now
Android Google Play-> Full Version - Free Lite Version
Kindle Fire -> Amazon
iOS -> iTunes

[Game Description]
Welcome to Sync Labs, a place infamous for clone experimentation and questionable ethics.

As Subject 227, an oddly cheery blob, you must skillfully complete the many tests prepared for you and the clones designed to copy your every move. Success will demand perfect collaboration in activating all sync pads placed throughout each lab.

In the experiments, you will find boulders, moving platforms, brain-reversing devices, teleporters and more!

Sound easy? Think again!

- Unique puzzle experience
- 45 levels across 5 sectors
- 8-bit inspired graphics based on NES palette
- Interactive environments


Battle Blocks – January 1GAM Entry

Its a bit hectic

Its a bit hectic

I recently finished my first entry, Battle Blocks, for One Game a Month. At one point, it seemed that I wouldn't be able to finish before the end of January, but applying a lot of KISS solved that problem. I am looking forward to working on another game for February. I still have to play with some ideas. Again, it will need to be something simple.

I must note that the community around 1GAM has been great. There is lots of activity, especially on Twitter, where many people are sharing and supporting one another. It will be interesting to see the result of this whole experiment by the end of the year!

Anyhow, here is some info for Battle Blocks:

HTML5 Version -> Play Now
Android Versions -> Google Play or Direct Download
iOS Version -> iTunes

They are coming!
The four sided foes have gathered their numbers and are ready to strike!
How long can you survive the perpetual onslaught of merciless blocks?

As the last surviving triangle, you must shoot wave after wave of incoming squares as they attempt to reinforce their numbers and conquer the screen.
Collect power ups to assist you in fighting back the enemy and to obtain the top score.

Features colorful graphics, rad music and fast paced combat!
Now, doesn't that sound great? I know, I know... its awesome+1!


[Drop Cube] Released for Android

IconThe concept for this game originally came from a spare 20 minutes at a 48hour game jam in Vancouver in which I needed something to do. See here: Fail Fall

I just finished the more refined version with GameMaker:Studio for Android devices. I can't say enough about how much easier GameMaker makes things for development. I also hope to have Drop Cube submitted to iOS devices in short order.

Available on Google Play:
Paid Version / Free Version


Game Description:

Drop Cube will put your reflexes and steady hand to the test. Utilize refined tilt controls to dodge obstacles as you free fall increasingly faster towards terminal velocity.

Choosing the safer route will keep you in action longer, but greater risk garnishes greater reward. Find out how your skills stack up with Drop Cube!

- Responsive Tilt Controls
- Local Scoreboard
- Risk Based Scoring
- No Splash Screens!
- Retro Themed Music


Global Game Jam Vancouver 2012

Vancouver Global Game Jam 2012 Poster

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Global Game Jam in Vancouver. If you are into game development, I highly recommend joining such an event when the chance arises.

I have attended a 48 hour game jam before but this was the first jam in which I worked with a team of people. I had decided that this time, I would focus on assisting rather than leading.
I ended up working with five other awesome people, using C# with XNA Game Studio. This was really outside of my knowledge base as I mainly know C# through however it relates to C++ and I have never touched XNA.

But being slightly uncomfortable with what your are doing is what makes this experience great. Learning new things in such a short and exciting time is so rewarding. At the same time, you get to meet so many people in the same situation as you, struggling to the last minute to complete something, fueled by limited sleep and caffeine injections.
Under this pressure, you get to meet people in such a different way. Certain formalities may be lost at 4am of the second night.

Something I enjoyed most of all was walking around to different groups and seeing if I could assist them debug any problems they were having, especially with groups using Game Maker. The excitement from other groups also made me excited to see their successes, especially when they had never made a game before!

My group and I struggled to get our game finished on time, getting about half of what we wanted done. But despite that, it was great fun. After programming alone for so long, it was a fantastic experience to work with others. Having now returned home, I am left slightly depressed to be once more alone with my code. Maybe I should get out more!

I don't have a playable link to the game I worked on, so instead, here's a link to a small game I made in 20 minutes while at the jam! I call it Fail Fall
Please, hold the applause :P

Also, I'd like to highlight one game I especially loved that came from the jam: Pyramid Defense
Be sure to check it out!